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Welcome to Top Anime!

Read about the different lists of recommended top and best anime to watch so sit back and enjoy.

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Studio Ghibli Movies for the Heart

Studio Ghibli Movies Most Recommended Have you ever tried watching Studio Ghibli movies? or by Hayao Miyazaki? The movies are simply amazing. They make you return to your childhood and dream. Contrary to what everyone thinks, these movies are not ...
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Top Anime Couples You Should Know!

Looking for Anime Couples to Ship? Admit it, we always ship our favorite anime couples and cheer them on until the end of the series. Some of them end up being together but some of them ends up with another ...
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Top Anime Characters You’ll Probably Love (If Not Already)

Know anyone in our top anime characters? Today we'll look at the top anime characters that every Otaku out there should know. There are tons of anime characters and its hard to choose the top as every character is unique ...
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Top Anime for the Winter Season 2016

 Must Watch Top Anime on Winter 2016 The top anime winter 2016 is not that packed with bad ass anime but here are some that caught my eye and is definitely worth watching (and waiting for) every week: AO NO ...
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