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Top Anime Couples You Should Know!

Looking for Anime Couples to Ship?

Admit it, we always ship our favorite anime couples and cheer them on until the end of the series. Some of them end up being together but some of them ends up with another which sucks. But as disappointing as may be, here are some couples that made me want to fall in love:

  1. TAKEO and RINKO (ORE MONOGATARI!!)Ore Monogatari!! Image
    While Takeo Gōda looks like a gorilla with his physical physique, Rinko Yamato is literally an angel. Their love story began when Takeo saves Rinko from a molester. Takeo quickly fell for Rinko but he thought Rinko likes his bestfriend, Suna (the ever handsome and popular bestfriend), so he planned to help Rinko win the heart of Suna. He did his best and tried to make Suna fall for Rinko not knowing that Rinko actually likes Takeo himself. The story is somewhat cute and pure and you’ll definitely smile while watching.
    Note: I just read the extra chapter on the manga, I wanna fall in love again. <3 
    Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii Image
    Nike Lemercier is a princess born from a small country and she set out to marry the Sun King, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia or  Livius I for short, because she lost in paper, scissors, and stone with her sisters. I have watched this anime for about three times and I never get tired of it. The story is beautiful and I fell in love with Nike’s rain summoning singing voice. While Nike naturally has a good heart, Livius is a ruthless king with a brat-tish attitude. While both acting like cat and dog because of their differences, the two managed to fall in love with each other and they tried to face every obstacles for their relationship.
    Anime Couples - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Image
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun) is another romcom anime which features a shoujo manga artist, Nozaki-kun, and his inker assistant, Sakura. Sakura had always admired Nozaki and wanted to confess her feelings but everytime she does, Nozaki-kun gets the wrong idea. In the beginning of the story, when Sakura tried to tell him her feelings, Nozaki-kun ended up giving his autograph to Sakura. And when she said she wanted to be with him, Nozaki hired her as his inker assistant. The couple is so cute and it is fun to watch Sakura express her feelings.
    Orange Image
    I’m telling you, this is not a romcom. I repeat, this is NOT a romcom.

    Ten years after Kakeru’s death, the adult Naho sent a letter to her 16-year old self to save Kakeru. Kakeru was her high school friend who died and she regrets not saving him. Teenager Naho could not believe the letter but everything that was written came true and she became determined to save Kakeru.

    Naho is an above average girl with many admirers but she is too shy to notice them. Kakeru is an average guy with a sickly mother. Naho likes Kakeru the most but is too shy to admit it. Kakeru likes her too but he never cofessed. This isn’t your typical love story and you might end up hating one of the characters. The plot is nice and all but it will leave you wanting for more. I cried a river TT_TT.

    Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso Image
    Kōsei Arima and Kaori Miyazono are both musicians. Arima plays the piano and Kaori plays the violin. You can’t help not liking this couple because they are both cute and the melody they make together is heaven. Arima was once a piano prodigy but he became unable to play the piano in competitions because of his mother’s death. Kaori brought back all the colors in Arima’s life and made him appreciate and love the piano again. This anime couple will make and break your heart and you will be in the train of feels. I love this anime!
    Arslan Senki Image
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan or Arslan Senki is not  a shoujo anime but the pair of Arslan and Etoile is cute. Arslan is a prince trying to get his homeland back where Etoile is a soldier of the opposing army. Etoile is in fact a girl named Ester and only posed as a boy in order to become a soldier. They are from different countries and they have different beliefs but respects each other.


**These anime couples that are listed here are those not typically in your list of anime couples but they deserve to be added. :p

Top Anime Couples You Should Know!
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Top Anime Couples You Should Know!
List of lovable couples.
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