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Studio Ghibli Movies for the Heart

Studio Ghibli Movies Most Recommended

Have you ever tried watching Studio Ghibli movies? or by Hayao Miyazaki? The movies are simply amazing. They make you return to your childhood and dream. Contrary to what everyone thinks, these movies are not only for kids and all movies from Studio Ghibli are must watch. Here are some that are most loved though:

    Spirited Away Image

    Spirited Away was the first movie I ever watch from Studio Ghibli. This was the movie that made me think, “Ah! Are there still movies out there like this one?!”. Simply put, this made me get hooked up in Studio Ghibli movies. And I learned a lot of moral lessons too.Spirited Away is your typical girl meets boy but no. This is not a love story. And the main characters are too young for love anyway. Chihiro Ogino, the heroin, with her family, was going to their new home but got lost. They unknowingly entered a magical world where Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs after eating food from that place. The story is about Chihiro finding her parents and her quests to return to their ‘normal’ world. She also met Haku and different magical characters and her adventure began.
    Howls Moving Castle Image
    Howl’s Moving Castle is another fantasy movie. This is also beautiful and another work of art from Studio Ghibli. Sophie, the heroin, is a young hatter who got turned into a 90-year-old lady by a witch. She set out to break the curse where she met a scarecrow which she called ‘Turnip Head’ and it led her to Howl’s moving castle. There she met a young apprentice, Markle, and the fire-demon Calcifer who makes the castle move, and the wizard Howl.
    Princess Mononoke Image
    Princess Mononoke is yet another one of those studio ghibli movies eye opener. It depicts about the harm that humans inflict on forests which destroys the life within it.
    The story was set in late Muromachi Period with fantasy elements like demons and gods. Ashitaka wandered off to find cure to his cursed hand bitten by a demon which was once a boar god. While travelling, he met San, a human but was raised by wolves. She is also the one called Princess Mononoke.
  4. PONYO
    Studio Ghibli Movies - Ponyo Image
    Ponyo is a cute movie from ghibli. The movie is about Ponyo, a half-human, half-goddess sea creature who leaves under the sea but fell in love with a human boy. Ponyo decides to become a human and uses her magic to have human appearance but this causes an imbalance in the world and led to tsunamis.
    This is a love story between two young children and their courage and bravery to face every trial just to be together.
    Arrietty Image
    The Secret World of Arrietty is somewhat similar to Thumbelina or The Borrowers.
    Arrietty is a tiny person who lives under the house of a regular-sized human with her family. They live in there secretly and borrows items from humans from time to time hence the title The Borrower Arrietty. The family had to relocate at the end of the story because the humans found out about them. This is another heart-tugging movie.


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